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February 12 2017

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas has inspired plenty of myths, legends and lore. Here, though, are a few surprising and actual facts.When Paul Anka first played Vegas he was too young to be allowed in the casino.Bugsy Siegel named his casino the Flamingo after the long legs of his showgirl girlfriend.In Nevada it is mandatory that video slot machines pay a minimum of 75 percent on average.Vegas Vic, the enormous neon cowboy that towers over Fremont Street, is the world’s largest mechanical neon sign.Howard Hughes stayed at the Desert Inn for so long that he was asked to leave. He bought the hotel.Camels were used as pack animals in Nevada as late as 1870.More than 41 million people visit Las Vegas each year.Seventeen of the 20 biggest hotels in the U.S. are in Las Vegas.

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Good Drake Quotes

1- Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.” – Drake Quotes

2- Before you give up, think of the reason you held on so long.” – Drake

3- Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.” – Drake 

4- Accept yourself. You don’t have to prove sh*t to no one except yourself.” – Drake 

5- I sit and eat with some of the hardest working people in the business. And I observe and I try to apply it to my own craft.”– Drake Quotes   

6- It was my father who told me that there is no rapper who is singing and rapping. He told me that in order to be successful you’re going to have to do something different than what everyone else is doing.”– Drake

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Good Quotes For Your Live

1- Life is short. Cut out negativity , for gossip, say goodbye to people who hurt you. spend your days with the people who are always there.

2- I’m humble enough to know that i’m not better than anybody but wise enough to know that i’m different from the rest. 

3- Don’t let someone comfortable with disrespecting you.

4- Life isn’t about getting and having it’s about giving and being. 

5- Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.

6- Don’t judge my choice without understanding my reasons.

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June 11 2015


Giving or receiving head is fucking beautiful. Its like a gift. Like hey, I’m gonna recite poetry in between your legs.

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Black Girl Classics:

The Playlist Series: This Nigga Got Me Fucked Up/I’m Bout to Fuck Up this Nigga’s Whole Life

Jazmine Sullivan: Bust Your Windows
Beyonce: Resentment
Ruff Endz: No More
Mya: Ridin
TLC: Creep
John Legend: Used to Love U
Monica: So Gone
Big Sean: IDFWU
Ashanti: Foolish
Erykah Badu: Tyrone
R. Kelly: When A Woman’s Fed Up
Mary J Blidge: Not Gon Cry
Beyonce: Me, Myself, and I
Mario: How Could You
Asia Cruise: Selfish
Chris Brown: Deuces
Beyonce: Why Don’t You Love Me
Aaliyah: 4 Page Letter
Nivea: Laundry Mat
Fantasia: Without Me
Justin Timberlake: Cry Me a River
Destiny’s Child:  If
Kelis: Caught Out There
Cee-Lo: Fuck You
Blu Cantrell: Hit Em Up Style (Opps!)
Total: Sitting Home
Janet Jackson: What Have You Done For Me Lately
Rihanna: Take a Bow
Trina: Single Again
Mariah Carey: Shake if Off
Gloria Gaynor:
I Will Survive
Omarion: Icebox
Beyonce: Ring the Alarm
JoJo: Little Too Late
Mya: Case of the Ex
Joe: Stutter
Jennifer Lopez: All I Have
Toni Braxton: Just Be a Man About It
Trina: Niggas Ain’t Shit
Destiny’s Child: Bills, Bills, Bills
Ciara: I Bet
Eamon: Don’t Want You Back
Keyshia Cole: I Should Have Cheated
Brandy: Almost Doesn’t Count
Total: What About Us
Sunshine Anderson: Heard It All Before
JoJo: Leave Get Out
Destiny’s Child: Survivor
Keyshia Cole: I Remember


Jazmimr Sullivan:4 Seconds

How to younger Towanda from Thawoaner? These ratchet ass name this family got on Family Feud. Itanza, and Latanza.

Hate painting my nails. They always get messed up. 

Marry me. Let’s spend our nights eating cereal on the floor when there is a perfectly fine table behind us.

Marry me. We can go to the movie theatre and sit in the very back row just to make out like kids falling in love for the first time.

Marry me. We’ll paint the rooms of our house and get more paint on us than on the walls.

Marry me. We can hold hands and go to parties that we end up ditching to drink wine out of the bottle in the bathtub together.

Marry me. Slow dance with me in our bedroom with an unmade bed and candles on the nightstand.

let me love you forever, marry me




*sigh* wedding and baby fever has taken over my life. It’ll pass.

(via inner-nonsense)


Never give the silent treatment to somebody with crippling anxiety.  It is one of the worst things you can do to them emotionally.  They blame themselves for everything, they become worried about you, and it will cause so many problems for the person you are giving it to.  Please, if you are angry with somebody, DO NOT ISOLATE THEM WITHOUT EXPLANATION.  Tell them how you are feeling and talk it out, please.

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The child you see in the photos is not my BIOLOGICAL son. In fact it is my friends son. However a couple weeks ago some guys while trying to rob his father and uncle shot him and he died instantly. But i will be there for him as if he was my own and take care of him and spoil him. His father was a good guy and didn’t deserve what happened, to show respect  i will take care  of his son the way he would have.

Anyone who knows me knows how much i love kids….after all i want 4-6 of them.

The guy who shot him was caught  and will be going to jail for the rest of his life. But its no consolation to a child who has to grow up without a father. So i will gladly be a father figure to be there  for him along the way.

R.I.P Willie Jackson 

This is beautiful . More men Like you are needed on earth . 


Respect, brother. Bless you.

These are the stories of young black men that need to be told to the world


Yo But 4 years later and Lil man done grown up. Just update for you all. 


Ok but are you single though?…

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Someone is getting so big. I can’t believe she is turning 1 today. #happybirthdayroyalreign #myprincess #lilkim #lilqueenbee [x]




you are a shared secret kept between cupped hands; you are the first drizzle of spring, the laughter-filled nights of summer.

(there is static in your head and in your heart— breathe, and remember that you are more than what your reflection tells you.)


longing paces circles in your heart. the want for

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but it really is so important to find people who don’t lose patience with you or get angry if you’re being irrational or insecure or downright ridiculous, it is so so necessary to be treated with gentleness from loved ones and not to be made to feel like you’re irritating or a burden


@akon Lighting Africa  #AkonLightingAfrica

Today, 600 million Africans still don’t have access to electricity, particularly in rural areas.

In far too many parts of Africa, night-time economic activities are practically non-existent. Women cannot make productive use of their time to carry out the most basic household tasks. Children who help the women cannot study at night without proper light and complete their homework by candle light, an additional expense for parents. Moreover, without access to electricity, over 3.5 million Africans die every year from harmful pollutants or fires in the home produced by costly and toxic solid fuels.

To meet these challenges, Akon Lighting Africa seeks to provide a concrete response at grass roots level to Africa’s energy crisis and lay the foundations for future development. Launched in February 2014 by international music star, Akon, leader Thione Niang and entrepreneur Samba Bathily, this initiative aims to develop an innovative solar-powered solution that will provide African villages with access to a clean and affordable source of electricity.

image image

don’t scroll past this black tumblr ^^^^

Talk to Al Jazeera - Akon: ‘America was never built for black people’

Reposted bynewtallicattyavgp
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Aye Melanin Tumblr, where y'all from and how old are you?






















Cincinnati, Ohio; 17

Philly, 18

Missouri, 18

Nashville, 21 👋

Tuscaloosa, 20

Maryland, 19

NY, 18

Alaska, 20

Ohio, 22

NY? 19

Ct 25 .

NO 25

NC 23

PA 23

TX 20

SoCal🌴 18

South Carolina, 18

South Carolina, 21

TX, 27

DC, almost 36!

@ me:


MD, 20

Philly 21

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That statement wasn’t meant to be a knock against his white neighbor. It’s an example of the extra steps black Americans need to take in order to reach the same levels of success as their white counterparts.


I wouldn’t say MJB is the greatest R&B singer of all time though

Best feeling in the world

Too many to pick

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